André Nyeng Olsen




Birthday: 31.08.1989 in Trondheim

Residence: Trondheim

Status: in a relationship

Languages: norwegian, english




2013 - finished his nordic combined career

2015 - NTNU Trondheim




Q & A


1) When did you start with skijumping/noco?


"I started when I was 6 years old."


2) When do you end your career and what was the reason for it?


"Ended my career in 2013, when I was 23 years old. The reason was that I quit seeing me becoming the nr. 1 nordic combined athlete in the future. I hade more motivation to help others become the best nordic combined athletes in the world."


3) What´s your education?


" I've finished sports high school and top coach education in the university."


4) What are your job in the team right now?


"I'm the headcoach at Granåsen Skiteam for the noco team in Trondheim. My responsibility is to have the whole picture of jumping and skiing, and I have great helping coaches in the hill and in the tracks. When I'm in COC with Ole Martin I have the responsibility in the jumping hill."