Pre season Talk

Jarl Magnus Riiber


How went your summertraining for you?


Jarl: "It has been quiet good. It was stable the whole summer. We did a lot of cross-country training and as well a lot of skijumping. But also in that I had a bad period. But I have just to work with it." 


You had a surgery on your shoulder last winter. How is it about now?



Jarl: "It´s working quiet good. We trained a lot for my shoulder after the surgery. So that will be no problems any more, so that has been quiet good. It´s safe now, but for sure you have the risk as every skijumper if you have a terrible fall on it or something."



How is your feeling after the Summer GP Final in Planica?


Jarl: "On Saturday I jumped really bad, I had some flying problems. So it was quiet terrible. 

It´s something about the right balance. I had so much more power in my legs. I just need to relax that power on the right direction and than it´s quiet good. I have sometimes small periods where I´m struggeling a bit. And maybe I´m growing a bit, been little bit higher this year. So thats also some small things what´s chancing and must be fixed as well."  


What´s your main goal for this season now?


Jarl: "Definitely to fight with Eric Frenzel for the world cup overall. To be the best after the whole season will be a huge goal. But of course the Olympic Games is a big goal."


What do you think was the reason why the germans was on that high level the last season?


Jarl: "I think everyone else were on a bad level. We think we are more guys now on a higher level as last season and this gap should be closed now. The sport is chancing every year with the equipment and everything. I think more nations will gave them a fight this year."


Thanks a lot for it Jarl! :)

by Marion Grumbd