Schonach - World Cup Final 2015/16

Jan Schmid - 8th at the WC Overall


1) Was your season like you expected, are you satisfied with your way?


Jan: This season was very special. First we didnt had any competitions and at the end we had quite a lot. My goal was in fact to be in Top 6 at the WC Overall, to improve my best result from last year. Unfortunately I missed it closely with position 8. My season didnt start well, I always struggle if there are not enough competitions. But with the last races from Lahti to Schonach it was quite ok and its gotten better. So I´m mid satisfied for myself.


2) What was the best/worst for you?


Jan:  In terms of performance I was in Lahti in a good mood. In Schonach it ran also quite good for me. My race at the teamcompetition was great and at the 10km I reached my best result of this season again with a 2nd place.

My worst weekend was in Chaux-Neuve. I didnt found a deal there and felt the others doing an other sport than I do. It run not good  for me on the track.


3) Do you had a special moment that winter?


Jan: Lahti was special. At the first race, I was annoying the whole last lap that I'm back as 4th and again not on the podium. Then I came into the finish, Jarl was there and dont know what he did, and suddenly I was third.

The next day I was in a team together with Jarl and it happened again something negative with him  at the last lap... So I left this weekend with mixed feelings.


4) What do you think about the rules with the suits on top of the hill, does it work?


Jan: I think its good for everyone. Even its not perfect, there are still things to improve. But its more fair, you can manipulate less than before on your suit. For us athletes its a bit stressful, but it has become better during the season. You are always on the limit and sometimes its bit to much, that needs more practice.


5) What do you thought about the WC calender this season?


Jan: If it had gone as planned, it would have been to short. But other sports like the Biathlon Championships in Oslo or Tour de Canada at Cross Country also played a role this year. Nevertheless, we are glad that its over after the last 3 weeks. I hope the calendar for next year is full, that we have competitions almost every weekend. Finally we train for that the whole year.


6) Did you learned something from that season?


Jan: We noticed that the level of jumping is higher. In running, it has become so tightly that you cant run from back to the top. These guys who are in the lead after jumping, are usually also fast enough that you cant catch them anymore.


Thanks a lot Jan, for your time to answer these questions! :)

by Marion Grumbd



Magnus Krog - 6th at the WC Overall


1) Was your season like you expected, are you satisfied with your way?


Magnus: My goal was to be top 3 in the worldcup overall and it started really good. I also could wearing the yellow bib for a short period. But my jumping performance was down a bit after christmas and than I was struggeling for a lot of competitions. In Chaux Neuve I was doing really good jumps and then my ski broke in the last training round. So I had to switch to the second pair. I was struggeling a bit with these, because it was a bit different feeling and all this stuff. Also my focus was going away a bit, so I was not all the time focusing on my tasks, more at my equipment...

But now since Kuopio my jumping performances been better again. Unfortunately it wasnt enough time to go for top 3 again. Because now I think I can make it. But if I´m ending in Top 6, I´m also really happy.


2) Does the summer before worked well and planned?


Magnus: It was ok for us. We had a bit less money than before in our team. So we had a lot of camps in Trondheim, because a lot of guys are living there. But it worked pretty good and I havent been sick in one year almost. So I´m happy its been a good season for me.


3) Do you had a special moment that season?


Magnus: Of course my both victories this year. Lillehammer, where my whole family was watching and on home ground, was a big moment for me. Thats my best memory so far! :)


4) What do you think about the rules with the suits on top of the hill, does it work?


Magnus: It looks its a bit more fair and its working ok. We had some bad dsq for team Norway, that was not so fun. But its a bit hard in the start to find the new routines and procedures to be 100% sure. But thats our job and we had has accept what the FIS is telling us do to. But I think its ok. 

So sometimes the athletes are pushing to much on the suit. For myself I´ve been having troubles when its get wet. The suit gets thick inside and its a very small margin if you get dsq or not. So its not that easy, but for sure its the best to stay on the safe side all the time.


5) What do you thought about the WC calender this season?


Magnus: My opinion is, that they should use this month march better. Especially in scandinavia we have snow until april. So I dont unterstand why their are stopping now when the sun is coming back. We still could have really nice competitions there.


6) Did you learned something from that season?


Magnus: Of course its important for me to do a lot of extra focus on the jumping part, because thats my weak spot. I´m always fast at the skiing part. So I think I have to contuine with it. I was a bit unfocused and lacked a bit in the middle of the season. Then I lost a lot of good points in the wc overall.

Also next year its world championship in Lahti, so have to work a bit into the plans and were are our priorities. Also we go to Korea where we are trying out the olympic arena. So we will see what we are going to do.  


7) What are your planes for the summer?


Magnus: I´m gonna become a father soon. So my planes are now to stay home, relax and take care of my family. Its a big step for me and I´m looking forward to it. I had some good advices from Moan and Håvard, both have 2 kids, so I´m excited. :)


Thanks a lot for your time to answer these questions! :)

by Marion Grumbd


Jørgen Graabak - 4th at the WC Overall


1) Was your season like you expected, are you satisfied with your way?


Jørgen: I hadnt really expected much because I suffered a long time incury in the summer. I wasnt able to train before september, so I was a bit nervous before the start to see where was I. We had a testcompetition in Kuusamo where I was really far behind and I just hoped to get some good competitions in the end of this season. To be 4th in the world cup overall and have a stabile and good season is really suprising. Its my best season so far and I´m for sure satisfied with it! :)


2) Do you had a special moment this season?


Jørgen:  I think I have to pick winning home in Trondheim, that was a big moment. And also today (victory at Final Gundersen). I think I will remember the whole weekend for a long time. To win the 15 km infront of Fabian and Lukas was a big deal, its something that I will remember.  


3) How is your feeling after this final weekend?


Jørgen: It was lot of action from the relay on friday, what was big tense. This weekend was like a roller coaster. We just need a few days to relax. Today it was the best response to do a good competition and hopefully to win, but I didnt expect it. Because this event has a big advantage to be a good skijumper with 2 jumps. I didnt expect to win, but I saw that I had a chance after the skijumping and made a good run. 


4) What do you think about the rules with the suits on top of the hill, does it work well?


Jørgen: I think last year we had some athletes who took it to far to bent the rules on the top. And I think the new procedure is good, you dont get to jump if you are outside the rules, so I think thats good. For sure everything needs a bit work and its not perfect, but I think its been a good thing and hopefully we can develope this in the future so we have even more fair races.

We had some troubles at the beginning attempting the procedure. But I dont know why there was a lot of dsq, for me its never been a problem.   


5) Did you learned something from that season?


Jørgen: Oh, I could write a book about... ;) But I unterstand that skijumping is getting more and more important. You have to jump really good to be on the top. You can also see that lot of the germans jumping good and skiing really fast, so you have to manage both. But the skijumping part is getting more important.  


6) What do you think about the performance of Eric Frenzel, what is his special key?


Jørgen: Eric is such a good and stabile jumper, so he is always in position. I think thats the main thing. If you want to win the overall you have to jump good all the time. He is really strong and he showed also that he can ski really fast. He is just a complete athlete.


7) What are your planes for the summer?


Jørgen: There are some planes I´ve not seen yet, everything is in progress now. We just have to see a valid season and look forward. And than we make a plan to beat the germans next year. We also get Mr. Riiber back and he is valuable to our team and if we can keep him in the game we are really strong.


Thanks a lot for your time to answer these questions! :)

by Marion Grumbd



Headcoach Bjørn Kåre Ingebrigtsen 


1) How satisfied are you with this season – do you reached the goals you had?


Bjørn: In many ways we reached our goals, we have 4 different world cup winners and we`re in the fight for podiums and victories in the most of the competitions. Our long time goal is to win the world cup overall, and there`s still a way to go...


2) What was the highlight for you? Did you had some suprising results you dont excpected?


Bjørn: The triple victory in Ramsau was massive. Also our victories on home ground was amazing. It was also nice to see Graabak win the world cup final with 2 jumps and 15km. I also have to say that we were performing really good in all team competitions, which is always good to see from the coach perspective.


3) What have you learned from this season for the upcoming one?


Bjørn: This season gave us a lot of learning in many ways. The most important thing is that if we would like to be the best in the world, you have to train and fight as the best in the world. The day we manage this, we will reach our goal.


4) What are the planes for the summer?


Bjørn: The summer plans will be made first in the next weeks...


5) What do you think about Eric´s performance, what is the special key to be like him?


Bjørn: I think Eric Frenzel is the greatest wintersport athlete of the world regardless of discipline. He`s won the world cup overall 4 times in a row in the most challenging discipline, no more statement needed. But, watch out, it will not be easy to get number 5...


6) What do you think about the new rules during this winter with the suits, does it work well now for you?


Bjørn:  I think it`s more similar between the athletes this year, but here are still room to improve the system.


7) Do you have some wishes for the next season?


Bjørn: We will go thru the season in the next period, and out of that work we will propose some changes.


Thanks for your time to answer this questions chief! ;)

by Marion Grumbd