Continental Cup 2015/16

Klingenthal/GER, Final 12. & 13.03.2016

photo: FIS Nordic Combined
photo: FIS Nordic Combined

Norwegian games at the last competitions...


Now this season is also over for the athletes around COC tross.

Luckely the winter was back as well in Klingenthal and the organizer did an great job and was able to prepare the jumpinghill as good as possible. 

At the first compeiton on Saturday, Thomas had a good day at the hill and was able to go as first on the 10km track. He was followed by Espen, who started a few weeks as well at the world cup. He started  as 7th 20 sec behind his teammate. Both did a great job at the track and Espen was able to celebrate his victory ahead of Thomas.

Austrian Martin Fritz, who could win the COC overall, completed saturdays podium as 3th. 


Results NOR 12.03:

1) Espen

2) Thomas

16) Simen

36) Truls


Official result


At the final race was planned a gundersen with 2 jumps and 15km. But it wasnt possible to jump at this day because of to much wind. So it was time to use the PCR from friday.

Thomas and Espen started as 7th and 8th and were able to race again during their 10km. In the end it was another double victory for norway - Espen could win again ahead of Thomas. Third was the french youngster Laurent Muhlethaler.

Truls had a great season final as well. He was able to run from place 26 up to a good 5th position. Well done!


Results NOR 13.03:

1) Espen

2) Thomas

5) Truls

21) Simen


Official result



Ramsau/AUT, 14.02.2016

The winner from Saturday´s competition was also today´s winner - Congrats Vinzenz Geiger! Also his german teammates made an great job, Tobias Simon was first after part one at the hill. In the end he was short behind Geiger as second. Tobias Haug could complet the podium. Strong performance from the German Team!


Best norwegian was again Lars Buraas. He did an great race and could run over 1 min forward from rank 25 up to 8. place with the third time - Well done! :)

Nearly same results today from Espen Bjørnstad and Simen Tiller. Espen had again a good balance and could race from 12 to a good 10. position. Simen went forward one place behind his teammate as 11., started from 16. 


But the best runtime had today our fourth norwegian, who missed yesterday´s competition, Truls Johansen. His jump wasnt the best and he started as 43. with 2:48 min back behind Tobias Simon. But he did an awesome job at the track and could run forward to position 14! 


All in all was it again a good Teamresult, all are on a good way.

Next COC will be helt in Chauxe-Neuve in 3 weeks, if the winter is still there than.


Official results


Ramsau/AUT, 13.02.2016

The first competition at the beautiful Ramsau is done. 

German´s best, Vinzenz Geiger, could get the victory ahead of his Teammate Terence Weber. Lukas Greiderer from Austria was third today, who´s on a strong second position at the COC Overall yet. Congrats for that guys!


Our best norwegian Athlet is today Lars Buraas. He has still to work at his jumps, but he was able to run from 20. to rank 8 at the xc-race with the fourth time of all athlets. Well done Lars! :) 

Simen Tiller, wo started as 10. was 11 sec behind Lars as 11. in the end. His shape is quiet good and well balanced between jumping and skiing. This is a good point for him to work at both disciplines on it.

Third best norwegian was Espen Bjørnstad could run 2 positions forward and ranked as 11. at the end. He seems to be on the same level as Simen, so both are on a good way. 


Unfortunally our fourth norwegian, Truls Johansen, was DSQ during the jumping round, because of his Suit.


So all in all it was good teamresult after day one. 

We hope their can repeat same good positions on Sunday.


Official results