Who is behind that page?!

Marion Grumbd


I´m the admin of this page. I´m a photographer and use my pictures as well for that page. 


Whats the reason for it?!

First, I love and support nordic combined since a few years now with a lot of passion. I always searched a way to share and show it with more people, because its a discipline with less interest of media and fans as well than other wintersport.

Although I live in Germany, but I support the norwegian noco team since i felt in love in this sport. Furthermore I love Norway, even more I lived there for a while. Therefore I speak a bit norwegian but I´m still on the way to learn more and more. 


I´m really proud to have now another, a bigger chance to support this lovely team! :)


If you have any questions or critic you can write a message via our Facebooksite to me.