WC Chaux-Neuve / COC Otepää

photo: FIS Nordic Combined
photo: FIS Nordic Combined

The younger Riiber submitted as first...


Jarl is again not beaten at the hill! He won the PCR with 34 sec ahead of Eric Frenzel! :)


All other norwegians are into the race tomorrow as well. Read the whole result HERE.


Timetable 21.02:

12:30 pm trailround

13:30 pm competition round

15:30 pm 10 km race



photo: marigrafie.de
photo: marigrafie.de

The older Riiber follow his brother...


Not only Jarl can dominate the PCR, as well his big brother Harald was able to win todays PCR! It was a perfect jump at 97m, farest jump of the day! :) Congrats as well to you Harald ;)


Read the whole result HERE.


Timetable 21.01 (local time):

10 am trail round

11 am competition round

14 pm 10 km race


Good luck to all norwegians for tomorrow! :)

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