WC Lillehammer Day 1

photo: Flawia Krawcyzk
photo: Flawia Krawcyzk

Better day for our guys...


Espen did a great job at the hill with  101 m and placed third with 23 seconds behind the first,  Rydzek(104,5m).

Espen did a good job at the track and after his 10 km he finished as 6. - his best world cup result so far! :) Only Watabe and 4(!) Germans was better than he. Eric Frenzel had a awesome race and get the Victory ahead of his teammates Rydzek and Riessle. Congrats to all!

HERE you can the whole report!



Tomorrow will be a second individual competition from the large hill.

Timetable 04.12:

7:45 am trail round

9:00 am jumping round

14:15 pm 10 km race


Lykke til alle sammen!

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