A-Team & Summer calendar

Our A Team for the upcoming season will be the same as last winter: Magnus Moan, Magnus Krog, Jan Schmid, Jørgen Graabak, Håvard Klemetsen, Mikko Kokslien and Jarl Magnus Riiber.

Espen Andersen, who made his first WC experience last season, become a hospitant the next months and will train with the A Team. 


The Summer plan for these guys will be as followed:


30.5 – 5.6 : Oslo

24.6 – 3.7: Trondheim

25. – 31.7: Lillehammer

10. -14.8: Trondheim

24.8 – 4.9: Summer GP

15.-18.9: Lillehammer

10.-12.10: Trondheim

14.-23.10: Oberstdorf


We are happy that our team is able to take part at the SGP again this year! We are really looking forward it :)


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